Our scalp is the gateway to hair follicles and the source of healthy hair. It is important to keep it clean and unclogged with regular use of our cleansers. The scalp can become dirty or clogged from product buildup, sweat, debris, and other environmental impurities. Being able to cleanse your scalp regularly will keep the scalp healthy and prevent headaches and breakage. Over time, the scalp is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. The hair shafts grow up from the follicles in the scalp, and they are made of keratin. With proper care, your scalp will remain healthy to prevent hair loss, scalp infection, or other scalp or hair problems.

We have several cleansers for different types of scalp conditions, namely oily scalp, dry scalp, fine or limp hair, temporary or seasonal hair loss, severe hair loss, and hypersensitive scalp.